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Hit the cupsWith proper grip

Missing the cupsOn the backswing

Missing the cupsOn the downswing

Missing the cupsOn the through swing

Quick Tips

For Training

  • Begin with a shorter club (8 or 9 iron). Do not try to hit longer clubs until you have familiarized yourself with Power Package. 01 It is highly recommended to learn the basics of Power Package using practice swings without hitting balls. Start with your hands close to the base of the Power Package and take small, waist high swings learning how to properly set your wrists by allowing your forearms to fit into the cups.
  • On the through swing, be sure to turn your body and maintain the forearms in the cups until impact. At impact your forearms will come out. Try to keep the cups pointed at the forearms through the ball and then allow the left arm cup to reconnect after impact. NOTE: In the follow through, the left arm cup will connect first and then both arms should be in the cups at the finish of the swing.
  • As you become more comfortable with Power Package and controlling your wrist set you can move your hands further from the base of Power Package and start making larger swings. Optimal wrist set is about 2”-3” from the base.
  • If you feel you’re ready to start hitting balls, please start by hitting off of a tee.

NOTE: If you miss-hit the ball to the right you're not turning through the ball and you are over-using your hands.

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